Who made the king of beasts hide in a tree like a kitten

The lion is considered the king of beasts, because in nature it has no rivals, it is at the top of the pyramid. History knows of cases when a lion only scared away a pack of crocodiles with its appearance, but this time the predator himself had to save himself, like a cat, by climbing to the top of a tree.

As it turned out, the lion had to flee from its own potential prey. One buffalo could not frighten the king of beasts, but a whole pack of horned bulls forced even the lion to flee.

Lions prey on lone animals that have moved away from the pack, as well as on sick individuals that are too weak to refuse resistance.

Against a pack of buffalo the lion was powerless, he could be seriously injured in a collision, and there was simply no one to treat him in the savannah.

If a lone lion was surrounded by buffalo, they could seriously injure him with their horns or simply drive him into the ground with their hooves.

Buffaloes are large animals, they have no grace, but they run fast and can toss an animal weighing a hundred kilograms into the air on their horns. Lions are more like sprinters, while buffaloes are more like marathon runners. This time the king of the beasts failed to break away from the pursuit, so he realized that only reliable shelter could save him.

This raptor was lucky; there was a tall, lonely tree in its path, which it quickly climbed.

In the tree, the lion was out of reach of the cloven-hoofed animals. As soon as the buffaloes lost their guard, the predator jumped from the tree and ran at full spirits to his pride.

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