What a girl born to a 66-year-old mother looks like now

Late motherhood has recently become fashionable. Women often go to the maternity hospital after 40 years. The instinct wakes up late, first everyone thinks about their career and only then about children. Our heroine today gave birth when she was 66.

It’s amazing that the woman not only gave birth to a healthy child, but also quickly recovered herself. At such an age, it’s something comparable to a miracle. Adriana Iliescu — that is the woman’s name — had been unable to get pregnant for a long time, so she was happy about the child.

Despite all persuasions of doctors, she decided to keep the child. The specialists warned her that the child may be born with pathology and the mother herself may leave this world during childbirth.

Fortunately, Adriana gave birth to a healthy baby. After her daughter was born, her life changed, she gave up everything and devoted herself to raising her heiress. Now the baby girl has grown up, she is 15 years old. The girl is growing up well-rounded, and in many ways surpasses her peers. It is noteworthy that she is not ashamed of her mother.

Note that Adriana is not the oldest mother. Not so long ago, in India, a woman gave birth in her eighties.

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