Wet and freezing cold puppy lay outside the barbershop and whimpered, while everyone stepped over him

The puppy was all wet and shivering from the cold. He was lying by the barbershop and whimpering in pain, because just recently he had been hit by a car and the baby just could not move.

Barbershop customers stepped over the dog, trying not to pay any attention to him. Only one girl stopped and looked closely at the baby, and when she realized that he needed help, she found Valentina.

The girl arranged to meet Valentina at the crossroads. She didn’t hesitate to pick up the wet and dirty baby from the ground and went to meet her.

The dog was very calm and behaved perfectly in the car on the way to the clinic.

The doctor immediately sent the animal for X-rays, and the scan showed a broken hip and a dislocated bone in the shoulder. Jack was immediately sent for surgery.

The baby is on his recovery, while he is in the hospital, he is being looked after by doctors.

The dog is very cute, we hope to find him a home soon.

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