Tiny kitten the size of a spoon struggled for life for a long time: it weighed only 113 grams

Sometimes the smallest body contains the greatest will to live and the greatest reserve of strength to fight for its future. When a kitten named Francis was found on the street, he was only three weeks old, weighed a little over 100 grams and easily fit into a tablespoon. The kitten was taken to a doctor named Ellen Carozza, who decided to try to save the baby.

Ellen says this kitten was the most difficult patient in her practice. Such babies are difficult to raise, and Francis had other conditions besides low weight that seriously complicated the situation. What the baby did have in abundance, though, was the will to live. He clung to his life desperately and, in many ways, it was this attitude that helped him overcome all his problems.

Ellen notes that despite its small size, the baby has always had a great appetite, activity, and a loud voice. The kitten loved to sit in her guardian’s arms. When Francis got a little stronger, Ellen took him home for foster care. Every time the woman went to work, the kitten would get sad. So that the baby wouldn’t worry, the vet started taking him with her. During appointments, Francis would sit in his owner’s pocket.

At Ellen’s house, the kitten met an adult cat who lived with the woman. The cat took it upon himself to take care of the baby and even taught him how to use the litter box.

As Francis grew older and stronger, he was found a new home and loving owners. The kitten grew up and became an adult cat, although he is much smaller than his peers.

Tests showed that Francis has a growth hormone deficiency, so he won’t be big, but that won’t be a hindrance to an active and affectionate cat who enjoys life surrounded by a loving family.

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