This 68-year-old woman became a model, proving that it’s not age that defines beauty

The world of models is not distinguished by a progressive attitude towards age. But gradually the fashion industry is beginning to employ models who have reached a mature age. Setsuko Saito from São Paulo, aka Rosa Saito, is one such person. At the age of 68, she was offered the chance to become a model. It took a year of persuasion – twice from a modeling agency and once from a photographer – but in the end Saito decided to try. She hasn’t looked back and today, years later, she thrives as a model. She is now 71 years old.

Before modeling, Saito took care of others for a long time. At the age of 22 she took care of her mother, and in 2000 her husband died and she became the only parent of their three children. Part of what motivated her to try modeling was that she had “devoted herself to someone else” for so long. She didn’t want to live with regrets. “If I don’t try,” Saito thought, “I’ll never know.

Saito looks natural with her long, silver hair and elegant poses. She is a versatile model and shoots editorial, marketing and even fashion photo shoots. Saito is also no stranger to the catwalk, so she has participated in fashion weeks in São Paulo. She takes on new projects guided by her adventurous spirit, which has nothing to do with age.

“I keep learning and I feel that the more I learn, the less I know. Sure, time passes, but what is time, my God in heaven? If I had to give my soul an age, I would give it 22 years.”

Saito is a versatile model, she shoots editorial, marketing and even high fashion photo shoots.


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