The wounded dog crawled into the woods to spend his last hours there

On New Year’s Eve, Elena went out on her own business. As she drove past the woods, she noticed a dog on the road. The large dog crawled from the road to the trees, it was clear that it simply could not walk. Elena assumed that the animal had recently been hit by a car, so now he was trying to get as far away from the road as possible, but his injuries did not allow him to do so.

Elena stopped and walked over to the dog. Examining the animal, she immediately began calling veterinary clinics, except that they were closed on December 31.

The closest clinic that worked and where they agreed to help was in another city. On that day a real New Year’s miracle happened: in a few hours she managed to raise money for a pet cab, which brought the animal to the doctors.

The dog arrived at the clinic closer to midnight; instead of a celebratory feast, the vets stood at the operating table saving the dog’s life. Soon the dog was in a separate room, his life was out of danger. Elena decided to thank everyone who helped save the animal.

“The dog is in the clinic, he is being taken care of and he sends his regards and thanks to everyone. He is a real fighter, but without your help he would not have made it. I also sincerely thank everyone who was not indifferent, you were the kind magicians who gave Dog a New Year’s miracle,” wrote Elena in social networks.

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