The forester fed the skinny wolf in the woods all winter, and a year later she thanked him

Peter understood that it was not a good idea to feed the predatory animal, but the wolf behaved quietly and looked very hungry. The forester realized that the animal had been starving for a very long time and came out to people looking for help.

Peter brought the animal a large piece of meat, and the she-wolf immediately grabbed it and ran off into the woods. The next day it was waiting for the man at his house again. The forester realized that this was not a good year for predators and there was little prey in the woods, and perhaps the wolf had broken away from the pack or was sick and could not hunt properly.

Throughout the winter, the animal would come to the forester’s house and he would treat him with meat. The she-wolf tried to keep at a distance from the house and did not approach the man, waiting patiently for him to bring her something to eat. When spring came, the wolf’s visits stopped.

Peter heard a familiar sound in the yard after a couple of months. When he came out, not only his old acquaintance was waiting for him in the yard, but also two little wolves. The forester realized that all winter he had been feeding not only the she-wolf, but also her little ones.

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