The emaciated dog gained 20 kg in a month and even found friends

In 2021, an American Henderson family found an emaciated but tall dog in the Kentucky Humane Society parking lot. It was evident that nutritional deficiencies had taken a toll on his health. The family couldn’t get past the unfortunate animal, so they took him to the veterinary clinic.

On Jan. 29, the Hendersons found Ethan abandoned in the parking lot. The family came to help donate dog toys to the shelter and spotted Ethan on the way out.

“After they left their donations, they saw a lifeless dog lying on a white towel in our parking lot. They stopped the car and got out, called the animal adoption department and waited with Ethan outside until our staff got out and took him to our veterinary department,” rescuers said.

Ethan has almost reached his goal weight of 80 pounds and is strong enough to walk on his own. After watching Ethan’s impressive progress, KHS recently decided he was ready for the next step in his recovery: moving out of the shelter and into the home of a KHS employee.

“We want to introduce everyone to the staff member who will be taking Ethan home tonight, meet Jeff! Jeff has been with the Kentucky Humane Society for many years and we absolutely adore him. He’s been coming in to care for Ethan twice a night since Ethan came back to the shelter from the hospital and they’ve developed a great bond,”

“Jeff will be taking Ethan home each night and bringing him back to the shelter during the daytime so we can continue monitoring his progress. We’re so excited to see how Ethan does during his slumber parties at Jeff’s house!” the post continued.

Since sharing the news of Ethan’s move, KHS has provided several other updates on the pooch’s status. According to the rescue, Ethan’s sleepovers at Jeff’s house are going well. Ethan is quickly bonding with Jeff’s Great Danes and cats.

“He was so brave to explore his new surroundings. He gets along so well with other dogs and cats. He’s very patient and gentle when interacting with anyone,” Jeff shared on KHS’s Facebook about Ethan’s new setup.

Jeff added that Ethan has been great about taking his medicine, asking to go out to use the bathroom, and accepting cuddles.

“This. Dog. Is. Amazing.” his caretaker summarized.

Ethan now weighs 36 pounds, which is perfectly normal for his height. He sees his family, who found him in the parking lot, regularly. Tatum, the Hendersons’ eleven-year-old son, who has been very worried about his four-legged companion’s health since the first time they met, is especially happy about these meetings.

As it turns out, Ethan is completely socialized and even knows some commands. Volunteers assume he was kicked out by negligent owners. He has recovered and is ready to move to a new home, which, by all appearances, Ethan missed very much in his

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