The elephant could barely stand on her paws and came to people for help out of her last strength

An elephant was spotted not far from her home by villagers in India. The animal was weak and her legs looked very sick. It was as if the elephant had come to the village to ask for help.

When people saw the animal, it was lying in a field, no longer able to move. The villagers called the animal rescue center and its staff came and were able to load the elephant into a car. The animal was taken to a clinic that specializes in wild animals. It was clearly visible that the elephant was exhausted and in constant pain.

The animal was named Zara. The doctors determined that the elephant was 21 years old, but she had already developed osteoarthritis, particularly affecting her forelegs. An abscess had developed on one of the limbs, and after X-rays it became clear that the animal had suffered a fracture, fused with an abnormality.

The doctors understood that it would not be easy to repair the limbs, but they accepted the challenge and got to work. To speed up the healing of her forelegs, the elephant was treated with laser therapy and given antibiotics and painkillers.

Despite the constant pain and lack of strength, Zara was optimistic. The elephant endured procedures and medical manipulations, numerous IVs, which helped her to recover.

Soon the animal felt better and was relocated to the reserve. As soon as Zara took a few steps on her own, she was taken to the lake. The elephant was happy to swim and spent more than an hour in the water.

Zara stayed to live in the reserve. She was given her own enclosure. She has everything she needs to be happy. Almost every day she is treated to watermelons, which the elephant is absolutely delighted with.

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