The dog ran 100 kilometers to meet his rescuer

Nina picked up a dog on the street. The animal was homeless and injured, so the first thing the woman did was to take it to the vet. The doctor prescribed treatment and explained how to take care of the animal. Nina realized that leaving the dog on the street was not an option, so she took it home.

Thanks to her care, the dog, named Umka, quickly began to recover. The animal quickly made friends with Nina’s other pets. Unfortunately, the woman could not leave Umka, so she decided to find her a new home.

Soon Nina found people who wanted to take Umka, but they lived very far away. The woman was worried that she would not be able to visit her ward, but she understood that she needed a family. Soon Umka went to a new home. The dog took the parting with her rescuer hard.

One day Umka managed to dig under the fence and the dog escaped. The dog ran away to Nina, but it took her a very long time to get there.

Nina noticed a dog on the street that looked like Umka, but did not pay much attention to it at first, thinking that it was nothing more than a coincidence. When the animal rushed toward her and started licking her hands, she realized that she was wrong, her pet was back.

Umka stayed at Nina’s house; the woman did not risk sending the dog to another city for fear that it would run away again. The dog got along with the other animals and feels part of Nina’s extended family.

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