The cat woke up Grandma by biting her: at that time the apartment was filled with smoke

Dina, a resident of a small town, went to bed in the evening. Near the middle of the night, the pensioner’s apartment began to fill with carbon monoxide. The woman continued to sleep.

But the changed air alarmed her cat Alexei. The animal rushed to the owner and started waking her up. In her sleep, the woman heard the cat screaming loudly, and then he touched her face. Unfortunately, the pensioner had already inhaled a lot of carbon monoxide and did not understand what was going on around her.

When the owner did not react to the cat’s actions, the animal decided to resort to extreme measures. It bit the woman’s neck with all its might and began to scream loudly. The pain helped Dina come to her senses. She opened her eyes and realized that she had to save herself.

The woman left the room and reached the kitchen, where she saw that the stove and refrigerator were on fire. With difficulty the pensioner managed to reach her neighbors, who called the fire brigade. Within a few minutes the firemen were on the spot and eliminated the fire. As it turned out, the cause of the fire was a short circuit.

Alexei became a real savior for his owner. Eugenia, Dina Nikolaevna’s granddaughter, said that after the incident, the cat had to visit a groomer:

“Our hero was covered with soot, but he categorically refused to take a bath. We took him to the groomer, so he was washed and trimmed.”

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