Serve your treats: the lion came to the buffet to the people and sat down quietly at the table

Tourists drove around the national park all day, getting to know the savannah and its inhabitants. All the visitors hoped to see a lion, but that day the king of beasts was in no hurry to show his face.

The last point of the visit to the park was a buffet for the guests who were tired and hungry after the trip.

The whole group gathered around a table with appetizers and drinks. At that moment they saw the lion, which came quietly to the table and sat down next to the refreshments.

The guides suggested that the lion was attracted by the smell of meat snacks. The king of beasts looked and smelled everything on the table, but he would not eat it. Then he looked at the people, realizing that it was prepared just for them, the lion walked away from the table.

Most likely the lion was confused by the unfamiliar look of the treats and did not take the risk of trying them. The lion was patient with the tourists, who immediately began to take photos, and then calmly left to go about his business.

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