No one could help an abandoned 80-gram kitten: only one girl took up

Hannah Shaw is an animal rights activist from the United States, well known in her home country. She is known online as Lady Kitten. Hannah has been helping animals since her childhood, nursing kittens that others consider hopeless. This time the situation was repeated. The girl received a phone call that someone had left a box with a tiny kitten outside a pet store. The little girl was not even a week old, she was badly bitten by fleas, and her weight was 80 grams, which is far below all norms. Hannah was asked to help the baby, and she couldn’t refuse.

The girl took the kitten into her home and began to nurse her. The baby required a lot of strength and attention, no one gave guarantees that she would survive, but Hannah was determined to save her new ward. The girl named the baby Hank. The first thing she did was to warm and feed the baby. Feeding posed the main problems: she had to feed the cat with formula from a syringe, just a little at a time, but often. For the first time she ate the formula, the baby started waving her legs, showing that she liked it very much.

Hannah bathed the nourished kitty and treated her for fleas. Care and proper nutrition soon began to pay off, Hank was growing and gaining weight. The little one turned out to be sick, she had to take a course of antibiotics.

When Hank was almost a month old, Hannah was sure the worst was behind her, but she was wrong. The baby got panleukopenia. This disease often ends tragically for small kittens. The first five days were the hardest, and during that time Hanna did not leave her kitten’s side for a single minute. The disease receded, and Hank began to recover, surprising even the experienced veterinarians.

It took another three weeks to make a full recovery, but Hank and Hannah made it. At the girl’s home, the kitty met Cody, a cat who also became Hannah’s ward. The animals became very friendly. Soon the girl managed to find new owners for the pets. The little ones went to the same home, keeping their beautiful friendship, and Hannah Shaw took it upon herself to help the new babies.

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