Husky sneaked out of the house and was caught on camera befriending a wild deer in the woods

Stories of unusual animal friendships are always amusing. In Manitoba, Canada, a frisky husky named Koda got lost. She probably snuck out of the house at night looking for an adventure. Rachel Hovatt, Husky’s mom, searched all the woods near their house, but she really couldn’t find Koda. A few days after she went missing, the dog showed up at home quite suddenly, as if nothing had happened at all.

Hovatt was very glad that Koda was able to find her way home. However, she was curious and wanted to know what really happened to her Husky when she got lost.

Fortunately, her neighbor has a security camera in the woods, so she asked if the camera was able to capture Koda during her escape. Not only was the camera able to capture Koda, but it also revealed what she had been doing all along. Husky found a new friend, a wild deer, and they spent a lot of time together, eating, napping and playing with each other.

A strong bond has developed between the two animals, and Hovatt thinks that Koda might slip away again in the future to be reunited with her friend, but at least now they know where to find her.

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