How the girl who many people used to put on their avatars has changed over the past 10 years

Those of you on the social network are sure to remember a short girl with bouffant ashy hair and a slightly crooked smile. Her trademark was the thick bangs that covered her eyebrows. Add to that the Mickey Mouse ears, the earrings with the British flag, a set of things popular with young people from the beginning of the last decade.

Nastia Shevchenko graced the pages of not only fakes, but also quite familiar classmates and friends from the yard.

Many people hid behind the girl in order to communicate anonymously on the Internet, but after a while, having only her pictures was evidence that the profile was not real. What can be said, they even filmed a TV story about her – it’s hard to stay in the shadows after something like that.

During the time that Nastya’s picture was actively circulating on the Internet, she got real fans. They began to take an interest in the real life of their idol, and then told other users everything. Then discussions began about Shevchenko’s appearance. There were those who considered Nastya perfect, but there were also critics who did not like the girl’s appearance at all. Fans responded to the comments and defended the blonde as best they could from attacks and picking on her.

We could discuss attitudes toward Nastya for a long time. Everyone has a different attitude towards her. However, one cannot deny that an ordinary girl was able to become famous not on the stage, not in movies, but on the Internet. She just liked to be photographed and show everyone her photos. Many people just took advantage of this by putting a picture of a pretty girl on their avatar.

It’s interesting to see how Nastya changed over time. Ten years ago she was only 14. She had natural beauty, her own lips, and her own makeup.

Today the girl is hard to recognize. She has changed and looks like one of the Instagram models. The girl had her lips enlarged and her hair color changed. She has changed from a bright blonde to a brown-haired woman with gorgeous hair, without the straight bangs that made her instantly recognizable.

Although Shevchenko turned 24 this year, most of her audience is under the age of 18.

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