Farmer found 2 frozen kittens and took them home: when neighbors saw them, they called the police

This story happened in India. Farmer Kiran Giri was working in the field when he noticed a couple of kittens who were very hungry. It was freezing in the region at the time, so the kittens were very cold. Trying to keep warm and overcome their fear, the kittens huddled closely together.

The animals were not frightened when they noticed the man; on the contrary, they approached Kiran on their own and started demanding food. The man took the kittens into his house, helped them get warm and fed them. Kiran made a bed for the kittens where they fell asleep after they had eaten and played with each other.

The farmer’s first suspicion that the kittens were not quite normal dawned on him three days later. The kittens were eating a lot, and they were also making unusual noises while eating and playing. The behavior of the kittens was not at all like that of domestic cats.

The man was most alarmed by the fact that the kittens did not meow, but roared, exposing small but very sharp teeth.

Giri asked his neighbors for advice. For some time people watched the kittens and came to the conclusion that in the field the man saved the baby leopards. It became clear that it was impossible to leave the predators in the house, so the farmer called the police.

Baby leopards are not dangerous for humans, but a long stay with people can harm the animals themselves, which will have difficulty adapting to the conditions of the wild in the future.

The police contacted wildlife experts, who confirmed a hunch that Giri was not caring for simple kittens, but for baby leopards, and took the animals away for rehabilitation.

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