Experiments with hairstyles that cause only laughter and bewilderment of others

From overly bright coloring to uneven cuts and bizarre shapes, we’ve seen all of these hair incidents, and now you will too. Whether it’s the result of their own choices or simple bad luck, we want to showcase the funniest and outright failing haircuts that have ever “graced” people’s heads. However, if you are comfortable wearing bold and extravagant hairstyles, remember that your hair is your own personal canvas, and there are no limits to what you can create.

Not a hairstyle, but a face frame

It looks weird, but it’s surprisingly well done

Looking at this photo causes a little dissonance inside

We’re worried about this guy

There’s so much going on here

Sometimes you have to learn to let go

Estonian politician

After the haircut, the guy was visibly saddened

Is she a cloaked lizard or a pizza?

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