During the flood, a cat desperately clinging to a branch swam past the car

Matt Danson and his wife and daughter were driving through the streets of an Australian city. It was raining heavily that day and the city streets were filled with water. At an intersection, the man stopped the car to figure out how to proceed. At that moment the man saw a black cat through the window.

The animal was trying to escape the wave by clinging to a tree branch. The branch, along with the cat, was carried by the water current and then swirled into a funnel at the place where the water went into a hole in the ground. The man realized that the cat really needed help. The branch spun into the funnel, but the animal managed to let go of it and grab onto the bars, holding on to the water with the last of its strength. Except that one paw of the animal was stuck in the lattice and it could not get out on its own. On the one hand, the cat was not carried away by the torrent, but on the other, the downpour continued, the water rose and the cat risked drowning.

The whole situation lasted only a couple of moments, but Mat realized that the cat itself could not cope with the problem. The man got out of the car and rushed to help the animal. The cat’s paw was firmly caught in the bars and the man did not immediately manage to free it. At the vet’s office it turned out that the rescue from the bars cost the cat several claws, but at least its life was saved.

Mat took the cat into the car; it was wet, cold, and very frightened. The family got out of the water-filled town, at the nearest safe house they gave the cat to a shelter, where the vets immediately took care of it.

Doctors measured the temperature of the animal, it was 5 degrees below normal. The animal began to warm up, put him in a warm sweater. After a while, the cat warmed up, felt better, and even began to eat and sing softly.

The Dansons left their number at the shelter and were ready to pick up the cat as soon as the weather allowed them to go home themselves. It turned out that the animal had family. When the elements raged, the people couldn’t find their pet, but when they saw an article online about the miraculous rescue of the animal, they immediately contacted the shelter and picked up their pet.

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