Dogs cry too: A.J. cried when he realized his owners weren’t coming back for him

There is a negative character in this story, a man who turned out to be indifferent to his pet and decided to get rid of him when the first problems appeared. The dog, named A.J., was left at the door of the shelter by his owner. Employees of the animal shelter made a video showing that the dog is having a hard time parting with a careless owner. Once at the shelter, the dog was constantly crying and was depressed.

At first, the dog was constantly lying on the couch crying. The animal could not understand why the man had treated him so cruelly, his sadness found an outlet only in tears. The dog had the strength only to cry and breathe heavily, realizing he was not needed by a man he loved so much.

The staff at the shelter tried to calm their new charge, but their efforts were in vain.

A.J. was not alone in the shelter, his owner left his brother beside him on the doorstep. Both puppies turned out to be completely unwanted by the man they sincerely loved.

The staff understood that the best help for the dogs was a new family where they would feel needed and loved again. A video of A.J. crying was posted online, and a post was written about how the dog really needed a home.

Under the video immediately appeared the words of support for the animals, commentators offered help. A few days later, the post was seen by those who wanted to take the animals. Now the dogs have new loving owners and an army of five million fans, who follow their fate with bated breath.

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