Cute bushes: an artist turns ordinary bushes into adorable cats

One day a British surrealist painter named Richard Saunders saw a bush that reminded him of his sleeping cat. The man had an idea! It occurred to him to create a new kind of art.

Saunders, 70, creates images of a cat out of bushes, substituting real bushes and trees in the photo. He uses photo editing software to do this.

In all the pictures you can see the same cat. It is Richard’s favorite breed of Russian blue, named Tollie. Unfortunately, as of February 2016, he is no longer alive. But he still inspires the artist. In the photo below is also his cat, just a man combined two photos.

One of his most popular works is a cat drinking water from a lake. Saunders notes that he didn’t think his art would become so famous. He didn’t set out to make money from it. He just did what he liked to do.

Now you can buy Saunders’ unusual pictures. Many people buy wall calendars with these photos. It looks very original!

The artist shares his work on Facebook. Half of his followers write that they dream of visiting such a garden if it really existed. And a quarter of them refuse to believe that these bushes are not real, although Saunders writes everywhere that they do not exist. Of course, they look like the real thing!

It looks very interesting, doesn’t it?

By the way, these are not his first viral photos on the Internet. Before that, the advanced man had posted shots of a giant yellow duckling in a small town.

That’s what it means to choose the right hobby: it’s fun and you make money, too. If you like these unusual photos, share them with your friends. They will definitely be interested!

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