Chuck Norris is 81 years old! How does the legendary actor look and what does he do now?

On March 10, the popular actor and martial artist celebrated his 81st birthday! Lately he has been a rare guest on TV screens and not much is heard about him.

Today we will tell you what he is doing now and how he looks at his 81st birthday.

Our hero has about forty movies under his belt, among which the audience especially remembered “The Way of the Dragon” and the TV series “Cool Walker”, where he starred in more than 200 episodes and cemented his status as the coolest man on the planet.

One of his latest works is the movie “Unstoppable 2” (2012), where he had a cameo role. And before that, he did not appear on the screens for almost seven years. After “Unstoppable”, he disappeared again and his plans for new movies and TV series, alas, is not planned.

But Chuck is not idle. He’s active in charity and missionary conferences, but most of his time is devoted to his beloved wife, Gina O’ Kelly. It’s known that a few years ago she had a serious health problem, so the actor tries to take maximum care of her. By the way, in many sources, you can find information that is why he left his film career, but most likely it was influenced by several factors, and age as well.

Sometimes Chuck Norris takes part in advertising projects, and on his social media pages he represents certain products.


A few years ago he surprised a lot of people by appearing in a Russian commercial for not just anything, but beer. And last year he took part in an advertisement for ties that do not need to be tied – they are sold already with the necessary knot.

His physical form of the actor also lost, because of the heart attacks had to give up heavy loads. But in public he always appears in a cheerful mood.

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