An exhausted wolf with a canister on his head begged for help

Near Nagperu Lake, India, a group of photographers were taking wildlife photos. In one of the pictures people noticed a wolf, only the animal was not frightening, but caused sympathy, because its head was stuck in a plastic container. As it turned out later, the animal belongs to an endangered species.

Most likely, the wolf poked its head into the container, attracted by the leftovers of food.

The animal’s head was stuck inside the plastic. It is unclear how long ago this misfortune happened to the wolf, but he was left alone, without a pack, and looked hungry and emaciated. The photographers called specialists, who decided to help the wolf and release him into the wild.

It took time for the veterinarian to catch the frightened animal and calm it down, after which they were able to remove the container.

At first the wolf was watered, trying to bring his temperature back to normal, because he did not have enough oxygen in the container and this had a bad effect on his condition. As soon as the wolf came to his senses, they let him go and he immediately ran toward the woods.

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