A girl lost her dog and walked for four days to find her

This touching story took place in England. A young girl with an unusual name, Alifia, lost her dog and walked for four days in its wake.

Charming Alifia walked 97 kilometers in search of her dachshund named Violet. She was worried about her dog and thought she had been kidnapped. Violet ran away from her owner during a walk in the park. Violet had a tracker attached to her collar that showed her dog’s location.

At first the girl followed the tag, but then, the device lost communication. It was then that Alifia lost hope and became confused. At some point, the connection resumed and she found her dachshund’s trail.

“I didn’t even think about the rocks under the water or how deep the river was. I just jumped in and the dachshund jumped on me. She wagged her tail as if nothing had happened,” Alifia

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