A 7-year-old girl rescued a child who had fallen into the pool

A little girl saved a 5-year-old child on vacation. 7-year-old Dasha noticed a boy on a scooter accidentally falling into the pool. The girl reacts to what happened instantly. Literally in a second the young rescuer rushes into the water, and soon adults come to the children’s aid.

The boy who fell into the pool could not swim.

We went to the store in the evening, and when we came back, my daughter said:

“Mama-mama, don’t swear, I got my dress wet. A boy almost drowned, and he’s my friend. How could I leave him?”

We watched the video from the cameras later. My husband and I watched this video 40 times until two in the morning. We were so proud of her.

We encouraged her, we threw a party for the kids, we went to a cafe. The boy’s parents asked her:

“Dasha, what do you like? What can we get you?”

She said she didn’t want anything, and then she came back and asked why they wanted to give her presents. She was told that she had saved a baby. Dasha replied in surprise:

“So he’s my friend,” said the girl’s mother Olga.

The city administration, having thanked the girl for her bravery and heroic act, expressed great appreciation to the parents of seven-year-old Dasha for the worthy upbringing of their daughter. The girl received a letter of gratitude and valuable gifts.

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