An 11-year-old girl sings an original song, but the moment her partner joins in makes it go viral!

No matter who you are, it takes real courage to try to start a music career.

It goes without saying that those who want to make it in the entertainment industry are expected to have an ironclad personality.

But one new music video in particular has caught the world’s attention.

The singer is young Jadin Riley, who is only 11 years old.

She is from Toronto, Canada, and has become a YouTube star for her incredible voice and charisma. Although the channel began as a way to express her voice and perform covers of well-known songs, Riley also began performing original songs that are gaining popularity. Ryle and Riley met over the summer and quickly became friends.

The two are a match made in heaven. They are sweet friends, but they also happen to collaborate beautifully when they sing together. A song written just for them, called “Only You”, has captured the hearts of all of Jadyn and Brayden’s fans. It’s a beautiful song that describes their relationship perfectly. They sit across from each other in the recording studio and sing into each other’s eyes – can it be any more heartwarming?

Jadyn Rylee never disappoints. She is passionate about sharing her music early on, and without a doubt she will continue to grow as an artist and a musician. Because of that, her fans are always waiting to see what she does next. This duet is a tear-jerker for how sweet it is. “We hope you feel the connection that we did when these kids met this past summer,” a recording artist commented. “They seemed so in tune with each other and knew exactly what to do.” You will love these two kids’ talent and love for music!

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