6 tricks to make indoor flowers grow like yeast

Water is the source of life

Like everything else on the planet, flowers are dependent on water. Some to a greater extent, others to a lesser extent. This is due to climatic conditions. Therefore, each plant should be watered based on its needs.


Humans are not the only ones energized by sugar. Glucose can affect important metabolic processes of indoor plants. To prevent mold, it is better to add more microbial soil additives. Then they will become more lush and grow faster.

Castor Oil

An indispensable remedy for improving the immunity of plants. You need to mix a teaspoon per liter of liquid. Good health promotes stable growth.

Wood ash

It can be used once a month for prophylaxis. Grams 100-150 grams should be diluted in a bucket of water.

Fruit peelings

Banana peels, citrus peels would be ideal bait. For convenience, leftovers can be dried, grinded into powder, added to liquid and watered down.


In spring, it’s a good time to transplant the flowers so that the root system can develop. In addition, fresh soil has more nutrients that stimulate growth.

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